Top 10 keyboard shortcut for internet browser that saves your time - Google Chrome - Firefox

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Top 10 keyboard shortcut

Now a days we all are using internet browser like google chrome, Firefox, internet explorer and others internet browser. So we need to know about their best keyboard shortcut to make the work smartly and save our time for internet browsing. 

So let’s today we should learn most important time saving 15 browser keyboard shortcut. Let’s go to learn by reading the full post. If you want to practically see those shortcut activity then please watch the video from the below post where I saw you to practically the activity of keyboard shortcuts. I think that will helpful for you.

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcut for your Internet Browser 
There have many keyboard shortcuts, from there I have select most important 15 that you must need to know.

1. Quick way to navigate through all your open tabs
If you want to navigate your open tabs then you can easily do by following this keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl (or Command for Mac) + a number from 1 to 8 is a quick way to navigate through all your open tabs. You should enter the number of the tab you need at the moment, and voila! The tab you want is right in front of you.
As example if you click Ctrl + 2 then you should jump throw the second tab that are open in your browser. I think you can understand.

2. switch to the tab to the right of the one you’re currently looking at
When you want to switch your tab left side or right side from the current position then you can following this keyboard shortcut. Pressing Ctrl (or Command for Mac) + Tab allows you to switch to the tab to the right of the one you’re currently looking at.

3. Closes the current tab
If you suddenly need to close your current opened tab then you can easily follow this shortcut that help you to close immediate close of this tab. Ctrl (or Command for Mac) + W closes the current tab. You can use Ctrl (or Command) + Shift + T when you need to re-open the last tab you closed.

4. Zoom in & zoom out on the information on the screen
Sometimes we need to zoom our screen to watch small thing on websites. This time we can easily zoom our browser page easily by using this keyboard shortcut. Ctrl (Command for Mac) and the "+" sign will allow you to zoom in and Ctrl + " - " for zoom out on the information on the screen so that you can see smaller details.

5. View your browsing history
When you want to see your previous browsing history then you can follow this keyboard shortcut. To view your browsing history, press Ctrl + H for Windows or Command + Y for a Mac. This will open a new tab where you'll see your latest online steps. So try this shortcut now!

6. Refreshes the site that’s open in your current tab
Sometimes we need to refresh our website that are open to watch the latest things. You can easily do this work by clicking this keyboard shortcut. Ctrl (or Command) + R is a handy keyboard shortcut if you're waiting for a page update – it refreshes the site that’s open in your current tab.

7. Open particular types of files in Browser
If you wish to play some videos or audios or saw some picture from your desktop to your browser then you can easily do this with this shortcut. I think that will help you to save time to open another software. So let’s know this shortcut. Ctrl (or Command) + O lets you open particular types of files. This way, you'll be able to view images, play videos, or listen to music on the spot.

8. Print out a page that’s currently open
If you want to print your current page for to get important information or work you need to follow this shortcut key. Ctrl (or Command for Mac) + P is great for when you need to print out a page that’s currently open in your browser. You’ll also be able to choose which parts of the page you want to print.

9. Bookmark your current page URL
Sometime we need to save some website for future visit like Facebook, YouTube and your personal website like Walid tech bd. So you can easily bookmark this page url by simply clicking Ctrl + D and then it will save your bookmark bar and future you can browse.
10. Delete your browsing history
If you want to delete your previous browsing history from your browser then you can easily do this. When you click Ctrl + Shift + Del button then you can get the option to delete your browsing data. Isn’t it helpful?

That’s all about today. If you want to learn more shortcut and other technical helpful post then please read our other post.

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